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Why start with research?

Today’s products have to work harder than ever before to attract attention and retain loyalty. Products, brands and services must combine seamlessly into an holistic customer experience that is replacing product performance as the key point of difference. To optimise innovation potential we first create a detailed landscape of information based on a rigorous analysis of stakeholders, technologies and commercial objectives. The goal is to create and validate a product concept that is as right as possible, as early as possible, through an evidence-based approach.

Our research team

Collectively our team has worked with some of the most successful innovators in the world, ranging from high growth start-ups to $bn global household brands. They share a passion for the discovery and validation of market opportunity and take a holistic perspective on the innovation challenge.

Research services we provide

Our team specialise in research techniques that uncover and optimise new opportunities ahead of market trends in both consumer and healthcare sectors. They work closely with our wider realisation team of designers, user experience specialists, scientists and engineers to define the products of tomorrow that will maximise the return on their investment. Our specialist areas include:

  • Sensory and affective sciences including Kansei Engineering, priming and implicit association to predict drivers of preference and purchase.
  • Outcome-Driven Innovation where the ‘job to be done’ is analysed using observational and contextual enquiry to uncover and qualify unmet needs and innovation opportunities. 
  • Traditional market research techniques such as in-depth interviewing and group discussions to capture consumers' physical, cognitive and emotional reactions including behavioural research in-situ or remotely via mobile and on-line platforms 
  • Co-creation where our researchers, designers and engineers develop new concepts together with stakeholders in real time.
  • IP and competitor analysis, including tear downs and reverse engineering to benchmark opportunities.
  • Technology and product road mapping to plan how technology can meet stakeholder needs in the future.
  • Strategic analysis and thinking to optimise outcomes.
  • Concept development and validation of products and experiences using our extensive design and prototyping capabilities.

We are a certified Market Research Society company partner and our team operates globally, recently working in North and South America, Asia and across Europe. International reach is supplemented locally, using our in-house user research suite and viewing facility.